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Your yard is our passion. Transform your property into an extension of your personality today!

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We specialize in designing and building usable, outdoor living spaces, water-wise landscaping, and low-maintenance xeriscaping!

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    Please note, Jones specializes in landscape design, build, and construction. We do not do lawn or yard maintenance, or snow removal.

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    Our team of landscaping experts can capture your unique characteristics and desired aesthetic in a design you’ll love—without you having to lift a finger.

    Turn your yard into a work of art with stunning custom features such as:

    Walkways and retaining walls

    Fountains, ponds, and firepits

    Patios, gazebos, and pergolas

    Garden edging and rock gardens

    Low-water trees, hedges, shrubs, and flowerbeds

    And much more…

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    Serving Weber and Davis Counties. Cost of consultation is $125.


    Our artistic touch and tailored approach to landscaping are what set us apart— See for yourself! We have already transformed countless properties all across Utah into uplifting havens for homeowners and onlookers alike.

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    Plant a Seed Today Watch Your Property Flourish Tomorrow

    At Jones Custom Landscapes, we offer all this and more. We can also guide you through the process of pondering these features! From there, we’ll design and construct a layout that flows with your home and property. Then, we’ll help you choose the finishing touches that not only bring your vision to life but accent it with something amazing! It’s as simple as that. Contact us today and start looking forward to a flourishing yard tomorrow.

    Consider How Landscaping Could Enhance Your Life


    Use of Space

    • If you have an active household, why not turn your yard into a stunning recreational space?

    • If nature is your happy place, why not create a personal oasis on your own property?



    • Could a pond mirror your peaceful mindset?

    • Would a deck make your downtime more dreamy?



    • Which plants would add the perfect amount of shade and ambiance to your own brand of backyard party?

    • Might your children feel more fulfilled if they had a playground to explore right outside your door?



    • Would an outdoor kitchen make cooking a more enjoyable experience?
    • Would saving on your water bill take stress off your shoulders?

    See What Our Clients Say

    “Kory is of the utmost quality and integrity. Do not hesitate to use his services!”

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